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View Pastor Surafel's story of how Hope 4 the Hopeless began.    

What We’re Doing 

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Ethiopian Staff  

Our staff at Hope for the Hopeless 
provides a loving environment for the children daily. Many have been there since the first facility was opened. We are so thankful for each one of them. All our staff have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and seek to make Him priority in their lives.

The staff is committed to seeing our children grow both physically and spiritually. They desire for each child to become all that God has created them to be. Each child is unique and so is each staff member.

 Please pray with us as our staff seeks to meet the needs of the children and point them to their Heavenly Father.  Consider sponsoring a member of the staff.

Founder & Executive Director

Pastor Surafel Gebretsadik was born and raised in Ethiopia. His ministry began during the Derg’s communist reign in Ethiopia (1974-1989). He was imprisoned four times for practicing and preaching the message of Jesus Christ and finally fled Ethiopia as a refugee. He eventually made his way to America where he has been granted citizenship and began his family.

When the communist government in Ethiopia fell, Pastor Surafel was able to return to Ethiopia. “My heart never left Ethiopia,” he says. He continues to return to his homeland to “do God’s work and help God’s children.” He established Hope for the Hopeless in 1993 to fulfill God’s commandment to care for orphans.

In addition to the work that Surafel continues at Hope for the Hopeless, he serves as Pastor for a local Ethiopian church in Phoenix, AZ and coordinates the refugee program there. He also conducts HIV/AIDS training for pastors in Ethiopia and continues to preach and live the gospel. Contact Pastor Surafel - 602.487.9810

Changing the world -one child at a time - Saving Kids from living on the streets.

 The Drop-In Center has a short-term transition program providing a safe home, food, counseling, and spiritual direction to street children. They work to heal, return to school, and develop skills to live in a family environment. 
The Boarding School cares for children ages preschool to 17. They receive schooling, medical care, room and board, and spiritual nurture. The school mainstreams the HFH children as well as serves community children. 
The Bethel Group Home provides a home environment targeted to older children while they complete their high school educations. They are prepared for independent living either while getting further education or to get a stable job. 
Foster Homes are set up and monitored to raise the children in a family environment. HFH provides food as well as ensures medical care and schooling. Foster families receive enough food to supplement the entire family. The majority of HFH children live in Foster Homes.

Drop-in Center Addis Ababa