Name: Redeat


Rediet’s mother died a few months ago. Her life is very difficult. Not only is she grieving the loss of her mother; she now lives alone with her little sister. They need our help. She desperately needs a sponsor. Won’t you help her?

Name: Elias
ID: MHHF-468
Elias is currently living with a Foster Family where he is given support off the street

Faithful staff to Sponsor

General Donations:  These donations will go to general support of all Hope for the Hopeless programs. 100% of all donations go toH4H


Name: Abenezer 

ID: MHHF-506

Abenezer is 9 years old. He is living at the Boarding School and he needs a sponsor.

Thank you for helping us off the streets!   

Stories from children off the streets to safety 

Children to Sponsor

Name: Mulumebet    
ID: ET2107037
Mulumebet loves to sing and is currently in the 10th grade.  She has been orphaned, losing both parents and now is safe, with friends and family and enjoying school.  

​​Name: Sifen

Sifen lives in the town of Sululta.  Her family is designated as the poorest of the poor.  Your gift will help her remain with her family and to be able to attend school giving her opportunities for the future.

Thank you for your love and prayers!  

Name: Behaylu
ID: ET2107047
Behaylu was brought to H4H from another orphanage. He loves to play soccer, is learning to play the guitar and is in the 12 grade.  

You will be my Sponsor?!

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Hope for the Hopeless is an IRS approved 501(c)3 organization.          EIN: 80-0428143

Pastor Zenebe
Pastor Zenebe is the loving pastor for the children of Hope for the Hopeless.  Zenebe serves as the Pastor for all 3 centers, but mainly in Kazanchis.  He has served with H4H for many years and prays for the children to be spiritually sound and to be strong in their studies.

Name: Tizita    
ID: MHHD-063

Tizita's family lived in a remote area and she was given away by her family into a variety of abusive situations.  Happy and safe now she is in 5th grade and loves to read.

We are the future and are learning to be leaders in our community!