Wonderful Year-End events were held at the Suluta Boarding School for the H4H children, we currently have 205 students from grade 1-6.  Academic awards were handed out with praise from all the many teachers and staff.  A sport festival was held with races and soccer and volleyball competitions between students and staff.  Thanks also to all our supporters, school materials for more that 200 more children in our Foster Care programs were also distributed.  This has been another tremendous year marking our 25thanniversary of supporting these beautiful children.  

All of our H4H children and staff send Christmas and New Year Greetings and continued gratitude for all the support our sponsors provide.

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December 2018 Year-end School Awards and Sports Festival 

January 2019 Newsletter

Celebrating 25 Years of Hope 

Dear Partners in Hope,
We have shared in another year of mission that continues to transform the lives of children and families, while literally saving the lives of others. It is estimated that because of A.I.D.S., poverty and social unrest, Ethiopia has 10’s of thousands of its children orphaned every year. Together, we are able to be a light of hope to some, but still not to all who reach out to us in their deepest needs.

 Our goal is to place the orphaned and the abandoned into families whenever possible. This allows us the ability to not only support the child but also the family who takes him or her into their home. We presently are serving over 200 children and families in this capacity. Your partnership allows us to provide a small monthly stipend and some food. We also pay for school supplies, new clothes and tuition. Our nurse has regular contact with the families when they come to receive their support, enabling us to check on the child’s wellbeing.

Together we also support two group homes and a boarding school. The one home is still the initial facility for Hope. It is situated in the middle of Addis Ababa where many of the street children are congregated. We call it our drop-in-center. Any child is welcome to literally drop-in to take a shower and, if we have enough food, to receive a meal. The center is also where kids enter into our mission. We are able to house 16 children or young teens at any one time.

 The other group home houses about 20 teens now in high school. We are pleased to say that it is not unusual for one of these young adults to go on to the university after their graduation. We continue to support them through their studies as we see this as truly doing all we can to bring hope to them.

 The Boarding school is located about 30 miles outside of Addis in a city called Sululta. We house about 50-60 kids of all ages here. Our school opened 2 years ago and I am excited to say we are full, educating our kids, but also another 150 children from the community.

We are also people of hope as we see many needs that we can meet:
-Opening our clinic in Sululta that only has 3 medical facilities to serve over 40,000 residents. (The clinic is built and now we are seeking funds to hire a nurse and buy the supplies needed.)
-Improving the living conditions for our foster families who often find 4-5 people living in 200 square feet of space with no running water.
-To continue to provide seed money to our families so they can start their own income generating activities.

Again, our thanks for partnering with us. If you would like to help be a source of hope to one of our kids, you can do so by making a donation.
Yours in Christ, 
Hope for the Hopeless Board of Directors

Opening the Multi-Purpose room 2016

Opening of the Medical Clinic 2017

To purchasing the land and building the Boarding School and dorms in Saluta 

March 2019 Newsletter

November marked the beginning of a small-grant program through H4H to allow over 30 families to start businesses. These micro grants allow families to develop businesses that bring in income that can support foster children and themselves. We are so grateful to be able to support programs such as this.  

H4H Youth leading Worship in the new Multi-Purpose Room 

November 2018 Micro-Grant Program  

December 2018

Year-end message from H4H Board of Directors

H4H A Brief History

​In 1992 Pastor Surafel returned to his homeland of Ethiopia to preach in a church in Addis Ababa.  Leaving the church service he witnessed van loads of orphaned children literally turned out, abandoned onto the crowed city streets. 
Born out of this event, a year later Hope for the Hopeless began by taking 39 of the most vulnerable children off the dangerous streets and placed in loving and nurturing environments where they were provided food, education and love.  
25 years later, nearly 500 children are off the streets. One hundred of them are moving from the streets to drop-in centers where they are reintroduced to a loving environment and a culture off the streets.  300 children are placed in foster homes where they are provided for and go to school.  Some children live and go to school at the boarding school in Saluta. All children receive the love, nurturing and education to become caring leaders within their communities.  Many of the youth go on to college while others move to good trades through vocational schools.

​There is Hope!

H4H More of our Story ...

Are there really people who live without hope? As Christians, we trust that with God all things are possible, but realize it often requires that we become the source of hope for those in need. This is the cornerstone of Hope for the Hopeless as we reach out to the children of the streets and help them to be children with a future.

How can a child become a good parent if they have never been part of a loving home? How can a child become a good citizen unless they have been taught how to care for others? How can a child be a contributing member of society unless they have been given the skills to contribute? How can a child become a loving expression of faith in God unless they have been loved by the people of God?

A pastor returns to the home he had to escape from years before because of the persecution he faced for his religious beliefs. He finds a country that needs to rebuild. His heart is convicted to help in this rebuilding by supporting the most vulnerable, least powerful members, the children. Hope was originally started to get young girls, some as young as 4 years old, off the streets of Addis Ababa. Because of war, the A.I.D.S. epidemic, and extreme poverty thousands of children were, and still are, orphaned or abandoned with no social service network to help. Hope continues to expand to make hope “alive” for as many children as we can.

For the next years, it was Pastor Surafel’s pure determination that kept hope “alive” both literally and figuratively. Maxing out his credit card, raising what funds he could through local Ethiopian contacts and any mission group that would listen, the ministry continued. Finally, the story of Hope began to be heard and more people were moved by Surafel’s compassionate and dedicated heart.

Even while he was barely keeping the ministry funded, he would tell everyone of his dream that someday Hope could purchase some land and build a self-sustaining community for the kids. Many would smile and nod, but few believed this hope would be realized.

Finally, in 2006 a group accepted Surafel’s repeated invitations and visited Ethiopia to see the ministry. The group was hooked. By 2008, 5 acres of land was purchased in Sululta, a city just outside Addis Ababa. In the following years, dorms were built which can house up to 90 kids, a school was built and has been open for two years, with an enrollment of 180 students this year, a multi-purpose building was completed in 2016, and a clinic was completed 2017. During this time we opened a new group home in Addis Ababa for youth.

Both the school and the clinic serve not only our children from Hope, but also the city of Sululta. Sululta, which we guesstimate to be around 40,000 people, only had two clinics to serve the community until we opened ours.

Current Projects Underway

Well:  We have had a study completed and are now seeking bids to drill a well. The community’s infrastructure is easily overloaded and often there are times the system breaks down and the residents go days without water, and extended periods of brownouts and blackouts.

Vocational programs are being prepared. Agricultural programs like aquaponics and organic farming practices such as composting and raising worms are being developed.

Start-up Loans:  We that will begin providing startup funds for small businesses helping people get the hand-up they need to provide sustainability for themselves and their families.

HIV/AIDS: Hope also works with the local Protestant Churches to provide training for local pastors and church leaders. Hope has led 4 seminars on the church’s response to HIV/AIDS, training over 400 leaders that serve churches with collectively over 100,000 members. These seminars have addressed the stigma of AIDS in the church and communities and helped them move to ministries of compassion and support.

Leadership and Development:  There are a number of new programs in the planning stages which continue to meet our commitment to helping children become productive adults and good citizens of Ethiopia. Hope will continue to provide safety and shelter for those who live and are victimized on the streets. Our commitment is to then nurture them, educationally, socially and spiritually helping themselves realize their fullest potential, and helping Ethiopia be the best it can be.